Selleys Storm

Storm is a superior sealant that delivers an immediate waterproof seal on any material*, wet or dry, indoors or outdoors.

It can also be applied in the rain to stop leaks in an instant.

Why Selleys Storm

Conventional sealants such as silicones cannot be applied to wet surfaces and can have adhesion issues on certain surfaces – this is where Storm Sealant rises to the challenge. Regardless of the surface, and whether it is wet or dry, Storm Sealant is ready for the job!*

Powered by Sil-X Advanced Polymer Technology, this sealant has been developed to withstand the toughest conditions. Nothing prevents water damage like Selleys Storm Sealant.

How To Use

  1. Ensure substrates are clean and free of oil, grease or loose particles.
  2. Cut cartridge tip, fit to nozzle and cut to size (5mm), then place in caulking gun
  3. Apply with the caulking gun, pushing sealant into joint or gaps
  4. Smooth off using a spatula dipped in turps, within 5 minutes of applying. If painting, paint with two coats of a quality water-based exterior paint.

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