Trends come and go, however the contemporary look of white tiles continue to hold its popularity when it comes to bathroom or laundry renovations. Its easy to match with modern accessories and will last through the ages.

A newly laid white tiled room delivers a pristine appearance of clinical hygiene and timeless style. However many are not initially sealed or correctly maintained which over time becomes very difficult for home owners to achieve that original pristine look causing frustrations.

Selleys White For Life Tiling system provides superior water, mould, soap scum and stain resistance meaning ongoing cleaning and maintenance requires for less effort and the grout stays brilliant white for as long as the tiles.

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Tile Adhesive

Selleys_White_for_Life_Tile_Adhesive_1.6kg_1200x1200 Selleys White For Life Tile Adhesive is a premium, flexible, non-slip tile adhesive suitable for a wide range of tiling applications. It is part of the Selleys White For Life Tiling System and is perfectly compatible with Selleys White For Life Grout.


Selleys_White_for_Life_Tile_Grout_RTU_Group_1200x1200 Selleys White For Life Grout range offers superior water, mould, mildew and stain resistance meaning it will not blacken, yellow or stain, maintaining its brilliant when used as part of the Selleys White For Life tiling system.

Sealant & Cleaner

Selleys_White_for_Life_Tile___Grout_Cleaner_Spray_1200x1200 Protect your perfect white tiles and bathroom accessories with Selleys White For Life Silicone Sealant. And maintain your brilliant white tiles and grout with Selley White For Life Tile & Grout Cleaner.