It’s easy to fix a leaking roof or get a waterproof edge with Selleys range of silicone sealants. Selleys provides you a range of sealants for inside and around the home for when you need to seal out water or need specialist protection.

Silicone sealants are great for keeping the weather out of your home or for waterproofing corners in the bathroom, kitchen or laundry. They can even be used to repair an aquarium. Selleys Silicone sealants form a tough and flexible rubber, which remains flexible for years. Flexibility is important to allow for the movement of different building materials.

Sealing cracks and waterproof edges – Silicone Sealants

Selleys silicone sealants will give you a neat professional edge around baths and tiling. Better still our range of silicone sealants come with a 25 year guarantee (see pack for details) and help resist any unsightly mould and mildew.

Silicone sealants are available in small squeeze tubes and caulking cartridges for an easy professional application.

Sealing larger areas – Selleys All Clear

Selleys All Clear is a multi-purpose co-polymer sealant that forms a clear flexible film on top of a surface that won’t crack or dry out. Selleys All Clear is a high grade water resistant sealant that dries crystal clear, blending into the surface for an invisible finish . You can also paint over with oil or water based paints. All Clear contains a fungicide to protect against unsightly mould growth.

Selleys All Clear is available in a small tube, caulking cartridge or a 1 litre tin for painting.

Construction Joints – Selleys Pro-series Sealant

Selleys Pro-series Sealant is formulated for sealing expansion and construction joints between building materials in vertical and horizontal surfaces. It is ideal for expansion joints and can be used internally or externally. Its flexibility and strength will give you years of endurance in harsh weather conditions.

Flooring Sealants

If you’re planning a timber floor over a concrete slab, then you’ll need a moisture barrier to protect your timber flooring. Selleys Liquid Nails VBS Epoxy Kit can be rolled onto concrete floors to prevent any moisture deteriorating your timber floor overlay.

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High Performance Sealants

Selleys-Armourflex-Grey-Cartridge Powered by SMP technology Selleys High Performance Sealant Range is more durable than conventional polyurethane sealants.

Silicone and other Sealants

wet-area-speedseal-silicone Silicone sealants form a tough and flexible rubber, which remains flexible for years.

Co Polymer Sealants

P_SelleysAllClear Co-polymer sealants are highly versatile sealants, which can be painted.

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Flooring Sealants

P_SelleysLiquidNailsVBS2PartEpoxyKit Moisture vapour barriers are somewhat different to waterproofing systems in that the rolled on liquid layer of the vapour barrier does not have a membrane and is designed to stop moisture vapour that may be transferred from a concrete slab to the timber overlay.

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