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Talon Rat & Mouse Killer - Damp or Dry Areas 72g

Talon Rat & Mouse Killer is a ready to use bait for use in & around buildings. It controls rodent species which are resistant to warfarin and bromadiolone. Wax blocks are perfect for damp or dry areas, are not too messy and can be nailed in place. One feed kills rats & mice.


  • One feed is sufficient to kill rats & mice.
  • Controls species which are resistant to warfarin and bromidioline
  • No need to handle
  • Can be nailed in place
  • Contains human taste deterrent Bitrix, prevents accidental consumption by children
  • Active ingredient – Brodifacoum
  • Contains 4 wax blocks

Available Sizes

  • 72g wax blocks pellets (4 x blocks)

Available at

  • Coles
  • Metcash
  • John Danks
  • Mitre 10
  • Franklins
  • Woolworths

Where can this product be used?

  • Wax blocks can be used where there are signs of rodent activity:
    - along walls and rafters
    - in dark sheltered areas
  • Mice require several feeding locations with 1 to 2 wax blocks per location, not more than 3m apart.
  • Rats require large quantities of bait placed in 1 or 2 locations, 2 to 4 wax blocks per location, not more than 9m apart.
  • For effective control continue to bait until feeding ceases.
  • Most rodent deaths occur 4 to 7 days after consumption of bait, but deaths may occur for up to 2 weeks.
  • Do not let cats or dogs eat poisoned mice & rats.

Handy tips

  • Eliminate all alternative food sources.
  • Try not to touch the bait, as it deters rats & mice from consuming it.
  • Rats tend to remove Talon wax blocks, carefully pinning the blocks in place though the centre will prevent a single animal taking the block, allowing more rats to feed from the block.
  • Do not place wax blocks in the open.
  • Do not place wax blocks in locations accessible to children & pets.
  • Use for controllling wildlife or rodent like animals requires permission from wildlife authorities
  • Brodifacoum, Talon’s active ingredient, is a long lasting anticoagulant poison that can affect a wide range of verbrate species, including humans, domestic animals and pets. Extreme caution is urged to ensure only rodents consume the baits or any baited rodent bodies. Talon’s effect on pets does vary widely according to species, breeding and size. If you suspect your pet has consumed Talon, contact your vet, Selleys (130055205 in Australia or 0800 435539 (0800 SELLEY) in New Zealand or the Syngenta Group for further advice.
  • Where it is suspected that additional rodents may be entering the building or activity has not stopped after approximately 2 weeks, then it is recommended to try pulse baiting. This involves baiting for 3 to 4 days then taking them away for approximately 1 week, then baiting again for 3 to 4 days and repeat the cycle until activity ceases. In more infested areas 3 to 4 cycles will usually be sufficent.
  • Only one feed required to kill rodents within 14 days. If activity continues then additional rodents are present.
  • In general, once poisoning has commenced, rodents will be attracted to the nearest available source of water ensuring sources of water inside the building are covered or removed will assist in ensuring rodent leave the building before dying.
  • While rodents do readily consume Talon, if other food sources are available they may choose to eat that instead of the Talon. By removing other sources of food the rodents will naturally tend to consume the Talon.

Safety tips

  • Talon is a registered pesticide. Read the detailed instructions on package label carefully before use. NOT TO BE USED FOR ANY PURPOSE, OR IN ANY MANNER, CONTRAY TO THE LABEL UNLESS AUTHORISED. Any information on this website is provided for advice only and should not be taken as complete directions for use. ALWAYS READ THE LABEL CAREFULLY.
  • Poisonous if swallowed.
  • Do not inhale dust.
  • Do not touch bait.
  • If on skin and after each baiting wash thoroughly with soap and water.
  • Vitamin K1 (Phythomenadione) is antidotal.
  • FIRST AID if poisoning occurs, contact a Poisons information Centre (AUS 131126, NZ 0800764766) or contact a doctor.

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Talon Rat & Mouse Killer is a ready to use bait for use in & around buildings. It controls rodent species which are resistant to warfarin and bromadiolone. One feed kills rats & mice.