Patio Renovation

Patio Renovation

Australians love the outdoor living lifestyle. Decks and patios are feature of many Australian homes and really extend living areas. They are great for relaxing and summer entertaining. With a bit of maintenance and the right products your patio area will be looking great and ideal for relaxing with friends and family.

Outdoor decking look great and create the perfect transition between your home and garden. But over time they can suffer wear and tear and exposure to the harsh climatic extremes. Nails can pop and boards can become loose. Making small repairs to your outdoor timbers and furniture will save you time and money. More importantly, fixing timber handrails and decks will make your patio areas safer.

BBQs are part of the Australian summer lifestyle and are a great way to cook and entertain, year round. But BBQs can get pretty mucky with a build up of grease and grime from cooking as well as a build up from being left outdoors. It’s easy to clean and maintain your BBQ so you’ll always be ready for friends and family. Selleys has a wide range of BBQ cleaning products to keep your BBQ healthy and looking good.

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Maintaining outdoor timber and decks


Exposed timber decking can cop a real beating from extreme heat, sunlight and rain, leading to weathering, rotting and loosening of boards around fastenings. Selleys have the tools for the job which will last longer than a hammer and nail.

Getting your BBQ Area ready for summer


It’s easy to keep your BBQ area in top shape with Selleys BBQ cleaning products – they make a tough job easy so you can get your BBQ area ready in no time.