Outdoor Renovation

How To Decoupage

If you’re looking for a school holiday activity to do with the kids, look no further! Decoupage allows them to let their creativity shine with a little keepsake for their room. Here is how to do it.


What You Will Need:


1. Cut your wrapping paper to fit the wooden initial
2. Paint Selleys Aquadhere liberally on to the wrapping paper and paste onto the wooden initial
3. Gently smooth out until all bubbles are removed. Allow to dry for 30mins
4. In a small bowl, mix 2 parts water to one part Selleys Aquadhere Interior
5. Apply this mix to the top of the wrapping paper as a protective seal.

Top tip: the more layers you apply, the more the decoration will recede into the background and look like a painting. If you do multiple layers, ensure you allow to dry between coats.