Living Room Renovation

How to create a striped feature wall


A striped feature wall is a great way to add a sense of fun and excitement to your living area or bedroom. The overall impact will depend on the width of your stripes and the colours you choose.

Easy as

  1. Prepare your surface
  2. Measure your stripes and mark with painters tape
  3. Paint with two coats of quality paint
  4. Remove tape and touch up any imperfections with a small paint brush

Detailed instructions

  1. Clean walls with a general purpose cleaner such as Selleys Sugar Soap to remove a build-up of grime or grease on the walls.
  2. Decide on the width of your stripes by attaching coloured stripes of paper to the proposed area
  3. Prepare your surface by removing any peeling or flaking paint with a power tip scraper.
  4. Fill any cracks, gaps or holes with a “Selleys Spakfilla”/fillers/rigid-filler rigid filler. Selleys Spakfilla ColourSmart is a great choice for interior decorating, it is pink when applied drying to off white when ready to sand.
  5. Lightly sand over your filled areas to get a smooth finish
  6. Before painting, clean dust and filler particles using Selleys Sugar Soap or Selleys Super Kleen.
  7. Finally cover your floors and and furnishings with a Rota Cota Drop Cloth to protect them from paint splatters.
  8. Measure your stripes starting at the centre of the wall and working outward.
  9. Mark the lines with a pencil, using a spirit level to ensure they are straight. Then mark the lines with painters tape.
  10. Paint the stripes inside the lines using a paint roller, then using a trim brush such as Selleys Spirit Dream Finish Edger paint over part of the painter’s tape to create a defined edge.
  11. Remove the painters tape when the second coat of paint is dry to the touch. Peel the tape at a 45 degree angle. If there is any bleeding, touch up with a small artists brush.
  12. Reposition your furniture in front of the wall, then stand back and enjoy your handy work!