How to install architraves

How to install architraves

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  • If Liquid Nails Heavy Duty ends up in unwanted areas, simply clean it off surfaces with mineral turpentine while it’s still wet.

Updating your architraves around your house can be done pretty quick and easily with a little bit of Selleys Liquid Nails.

You’ll need:

1. Use dry cloth to make sure your surfaces are free of oil, grease and dust.
2. Pierce the foil top of the Selleys Liquid Nails Heavy Duty cartridge and place it in the caulking gun. Attach the nozzle to the cartridge and cut the tip of the nozzle at a 45 degree angle.
3. Apply a bead of Liquid Nails Heavy Duty to the back of your skirting board or architrave in a zigzag pattern.
4. Bring your surfaces together. Liquid Nails Heavy Duty begins to dry within 10 minutes, so make sure you do this as soon as possible.
5. You may wish to apply pressure for a few hours while the Liquid Nails Heavy Duty sets using temporary tacks, wedges or clamps.
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