How to fill gaps around door frames with Ezi Press

How to fill gaps around door frames with Ezi Press

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  • For a neat clean finish, tape either side of the gap with masking or painter tape before filling the gap.
  • Allow for slightly longer if the weather is cool.
  • The resealable cap means the rest of can will be fine to use next time, but ensure the collar has been twisted back to “Min” after use and nozzle cap is on properly.

If you have gaps between the door frame and the wall, you can fix that using Selleys Ezi Press No More Gaps Multipurpose

You’ll need:

1. Clean around the architrave with a clean cloth to ensure it’s free of dust and dirt.

2. Remove the reusable cap of the Ezi Press system and the tab lock, then twist the collar clockwise towards “Max” and adjust between MIN and MAX to control flow.
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3. Squeeze the filler into the gap evenly by pressing down on the inbuilt lever. For a smooth professional finish, smooth down the surface of the filler with a wet scraper (use the rounded corner) or use your finger dipped in water.
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4. Use a damp cloth to clean off any excess filler before it dries. Remove the tape from the architrave and wall and let the filler set for 3 hours before painting.
5. Once you’ve completed using the filler, twist the collar back to “Min” and replace the nozzle cap on properly.
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