Living Room Renovation

DIY Finishing Touches

Often when renovating, it’s the finishing touches that get left behind. With building costs blowing out it’s no wonder. But you don’t have to compromise when there are some final details you can do yourself that will make all the difference to how your home looks.

Adding or replacing old cornices can really lift the style of a room. The original benefit of installing cornices was to cover any cracks where brick walls met plaster and wood ceilings. But today, decorative cornices are mostly in demand for their aesthetic appeal.

For a contemporary home, you can choose a cornice with elegant minimalist lines or offset the look with a period cornice. During the late 19th century, Victorian cornices were extravagant and ornate, while in the early 20th century, Federation and Art Nouveau styles featured flowers and birds and Art Deco cornices in the 1930s and 40s were stepped and geometric.

Applying a cornice is much easier than you’d think with Selleys Liquid Nails Fast. An excellent cornice adhesive, Selleys Liquid Nails Fast gives you 10 minutes of precious work time with minimal fuss. The formula gives you a super-fast grab, reducing the need to support joints while it cures, so you can place the cornice with precision. And, unlike other adhesives, it has a low odour so you can use it indoors without worrying about the dog. Plus it doesn’t drip, sag or string, so there’s less mess when you use it.

Installing a cornice DIY Tips:

1. Make sure both surfaces are clean, dry and free of oil, grease and dust.
2. Cut the cartridge tip and the nozzle to about 5mm.
3. Use the corking gun to apply a bead of Selleys Liquid Nails Fast to the top and bottom of the back of the cornice surface.
4. Bring surfaces together as soon as possible within 10 minutes. Place cornice firmly into position and press against the wall.
5. Selleys Liquid Nails Fast should be used with mechanical fasteners in structural, critical or high stress applications.
6. Fast clean up with water while it’s still wet.