Kitchen Renovation

Focus on floors


Is your kitchen floor suffering a bit of wear and tear? Kitchen floors are a high traffic zone in the home and over time – tiles can become loose or crack. Loose or broken tiles can be dangerous and it is important to make repairs quickly.

Thankfully, Selleys provides you with a range of products to make repairs quickly and easily.

Ceramic Tiles

Loose or broken ceramic tiles can be easily repaired with Selleys White For Life Tile Adhesive. Selleys White For Life Tile Adhesive comes in two formats, ready-to-use which is used for indoor tiling only and powder form which can be used for both indoor and outdoor tiling. Its been formulated using the purest white materials available making it ideal for white tiles.

Lino floors

If your lino floor is becoming unstuck then you need a high strength adhesive such as Selley’s Kwik Grip Waterbased. Kwik Grip Waterbased is waterbased which means there are no unpleasant fumes (unlike solvent based adhesives) so it’s much better for your health when working in small spaces. It is also waterbased to make clean up super easy.

Cleaning floors

If your kitchen floor is looking dull or discoloured you might need to change your floor cleaner. Selleys has formulated a range of floor cleaners with professional strength and superior high performance to power through tough stains, dirt, grease and grime, whilst leaving your surfaces hygienically clean, germ-free and streak-free. The range covers timber floor, tiled floors, stone floors and a multi surface floor cleaner.