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Every year we seem to get busier and busier with little or no time to get the important things done around the home – like cleaning your car. If you’ve got kids, the best thing is to get them to wash it. Even better, slip the neighbours’ kids a fiver to do it. If that doesn’t work, we have the perfect solution for the time-poor and car-proud. Polyglaze Wash & Wax gives a spotlessly streak free finish with a noticeable shine in one easy step for a great result you can be proud of.

Using standard car wash products are time-consuming as you still need to complete the waxing process to achieve an amazing shine. Polyglaze Wash & Wax is the all in one cash wash which provides the ultimate mirror shine. The formulation is also strong enough to cut through dirt and road grime and gives a spotless streak free finish.

Simple steps to a brilliant shine in no time

1. Hose excess dirt and grime off car.
2. Pour 30-40mLs of Polyglaze Wash & Wax into a bucket and fill with water. To increase the foam, use more water pressure.
3. Wash liberally with a microfibre cloth or sponge a section at a time.
4. Hose off each section before product dries.
5. Dry all surfaces with a microfibre cloth or a chamois.


Polyglaze Wash & Wax
A bucket
2 micro fibre towels (the first for washing and the second for drying)


  • Cuts through dirt and road grime
  • Ultimate mirror shine
  • Protective layer of wax for noticeable shine
  • Gives a spotless streak free finish
  • Cleans windows for perfect vision
  • 50 Washes out of every bottle