Dining Room Renovation

Dining Room Renovation

The dining room has undergone lots of changes over the last few decades, morphing from a formal room to a more fluid space that interacts with the kitchen and living areas.

Although the concept of the dining room has changed for many families, the dining table is still the cornerstone of every dining area. A large table can be a dramatic feature and create a focal point for your room. Mismatched dining chairs can add quirky charm, and a bunch of bright flowers as a centerpiece will add a sense of occasion to even the most casual gathering.

For smaller spaces, think about flexible dining solutions such as extendable tables and round tables that can accommodate additional seating. A Japanese style table can be a flexible way to entertain, simply accessorise with floor cushions that can be stacked away during the day.

Another big trend in Australia is the shift towards outdoor dining, which can add another dimension to entertaining and make a valuable addition to smaller houses and apartments. A balcony or deck can become an extension of your indoor space with the simple of addition of summer shades or a rain-proof awning.

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