Bedroom Renovation

How to create your own headboard


There are lots of ways to update your bedroom without splashing out on new new furniture. For most people, it makes more sense to spend money on a comfortable mattress rather than the latest designer bed frame.

A headboard is a versatile way to give new life to your bedroom. There are several ways to create a headboard, from the traditional approach, to more flexible space saving modern solutions.

Fabric headboard

Give your bedroom a new lease on life with a custom made fabric headboard. For this project, we’ll show you how to build your own headboard from scratch with a bit of plywood and a jigsaw.

Easy as

  1. Measure up your bed head
  2. Cut your pattern into a piece of plywood
  3. Attach the fabric and batting
  4. Secure your headboard to the wall

Detailed instructions

  1. Measure up your existing bed frame. The headboard should be slightly wider than your mattress, and high enough for you to lean your head against it while sitting up in bed.
  2. Decide on the shape of your headboard, be as creative as you like, or go for a classic rectangular design.
  3. Purchase your plywood, fabric and foam filling. Be sure to allow for at least an additional 20 cm length and width for your fabric, as you will need to wrap the fabric around the foam and board.
  4. Draw and cut out your headboard template on butchers paper, then trace the template on the plywood using your pencil.
  5. After tracing the template, cut the plywood using a portable jigsaw. Remember to always wear protective gloves and glasses.
  6. Cut your foam to the same shape as your headboard
  7. Place the fabric on your work surface front side down.
  8. Begin attaching the fabric and batting over the back of the plywood and using a staple gun.
  9. Trim excess material and batting with scissors.
  10. Attach the bottom part of the flush mounts to the wall and into the studs as wide as possible within the width of the headboard.Take the headboard away and drill the holes for the mounts and attach facing down. Lift the headboard onto the wall mounts to secure

Vinyl decal headboard

If you live in a rental property, or like to redecorate often, vinyl decals are the perfect way to create your new bedhead. Vinyl decals are like large stickers that you can apply to your wall. Modern decals feature quality finishes and modern designs that can add a designer touch to any bedroom.

Easy as

  1. Measure up your bed
  2. Prepare your surface
  3. Apply
  4. Heat with hair dryer to remove easily when you want a change.

Detailed instructions

  1. Go online and search for vinyl decals on craft websites. Keep in mind that decals with lots of small intricate parts are more difficult to apply that ones with larger bolder designs.
  2. Clean your surface with Selleys Liquid Sugar Soap, making sure your surface is completely dry and free of any dust.
  3. On a flat surface, apply pressure to transfer the decal onto the transfer paper. A rolling pin can come in handy here.
  4. Hold your decal up to the wall behind your bed, making sure you don’t make contact with the wall until you have the decal in the correct position. Get a friend to help out, as you can only apply each decal to the surface once.
  5. Stand back and enjoy your handy work!