Bedroom Renovation

How to create a bookend

Selleys bookend

What you’ll need

  • 1 x Selleys Quick Fix Ultra Repair
  • 4 x Pieces of timber (Pine 140mm x 200mm x 19mm)
  • 1 x Rubber or plastic toy (Triceratops)
  • 1 x Cabot’s Interior Stain (Jarrah) 250ml
  • 1 x Sanding block
  • 1 x Roll of masking tape
  • A few clean rags
  • 1 x Utility knife
  • 1 x Drop cloth

Detailed instructions

  1. Prepare your work station by covering the area/table with a drop cloth. Sand and smooth down all 4 pieces of timber including all edges.
    selleys-bookend-1.1 selleys-bookend-1.2
  2. Shake or stir the can of stain. Dip a clean rag into the can of stain and apply the stain to the timber pieces, following the grain. Stain all sides of each piece of timber. Allow to dry for 2 hours before applying another coat if you want a darker finish.
    selleys-bookend-2.1 selleys-bookend-2.2 selleys-bookend-2.3 selleys-bookend-2.4
  3. To help achieve a straight cut, apply masking tape around the belly (the middle). Then using a utility knife, cut along one edge of the tape. This toy is rubber so it was easy to cut in half.
    selleys-bookend-3.1 selleys-bookend-3.2 selleys-bookend-3.3
  4. The toy had stuffing inside which gave it its weight. Keep as much as you can inside each half so your bookend has weight to support books. Pull out any excess stuffing and squash the remaining deep inside each half. The edges need to be clean and clear of any materials.
  5. Once the timber pieces are dry, apply Selleys Ultra Repair along the grain edge of one of the timber pieces, then press onto the top short edge of another timber piece (as shown).
    selleys-bookend-5.1 selleys-bookend-5.2 selleys-bookend-5.3 selleys-bookend-5.4
  6. Use masking tape to secure the pieces and allow it to set and dry. Repeat with the remaining two timber pieces. Allow the pieces to set for at least 3 minutes before continuing with the next step.
    selleys-bookend-6.1 selleys-bookend-6.2 selleys-bookend-6.3
  7. Apply Selleys Ultra Repair along the edge of the toy and to its feet, then press onto the “L” piece that you just created. Lay the bookend with the toy facing up and allow it to completely dry (approx. 12 hours).
    selleys-bookend-7.1 selleys-bookend-7.2 selleys-bookend-7.3 selleys-bookend-7.4
  8. Repeat the above step to create the other half of the bookend.

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