How to grout tiles

How to grout tiles

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  • Work from the edges, allowing yourself a path to exit.
  • Apply a generous amount of grout to the floor.
  • Unequal amounts of water in different batches can lead to mottled colouration of the dried grout.
  • Grout whitens on drying.
  • Prevent spilling any liquids or getting any dirt or contaminates on the grout lines for a full 24 hours.
  • Allow to dry for 3 days before exposing to water in showers.
  • Do not remix the product once it has started to harden.


Refer to below table for an approximate coverage for a 1kg bag of Selleys White For Life Powder Grout. Consumption varies based on the size and thickness of the tiles, joint width, wastage and method of application. Consider preparing an extra 5% to 10% to the recommended amounts to ensure that your entire project is covered.
WFL grout coverage

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You’ll need:


  • Ensure that the tile adhesive has set (usually 24-48 hours).
  • Remove spacers, rack out excess adhesive, dust and debris from the joints.
  • Seal porous tiles before grouting otherwise removal of grout from tiles will be difficult.


1. Add 250mL water to the bucket (to mix 1 kg of powder grout) then slowly add contents of the WHITE FOR LIFE® ACTIVATOR SACHET. Now slowly add one bag of powder to the water while mixing. Add no more than an extra 30mL of water slowly while mixing to obtain a thick consistency. Allow to stand for approx. 3 minutes, then remix grout before tiling.
How to grout 1.1 How to grout 1.2 How to grout 1.3
2. Grout small areas at a time by working the grout into the joints and smooth off, using a rubber squeegee or grout float.
How to grout 2.1 How to grout 2.2
3. Allow grout to firm up in joints (10-15 minutes).
How to grout 3
4. Using a damp (not wet) sponge, clean tile surfaces by wiping lightly, in a circular motion. Finish with a single wipe diagonally across the tiles.
How to grout 4
5. After 24 hours, buff and polish the tile surface with a soft clean cloth.
How to grout 5
6. After the grout has set for an initial 24 hours, leave for another 3 days before exposing to water in a shower.

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