How to fix metal to wood

How to fix metal to wood

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  • Place cap from plunger on nozzle for storage and clean up any uncured Araldite with acetone or nail polish remover.

Where to Buy

Everyone knows that Araldite delivers incredible bond strength across multiple surfaces and it works a treat on household fixtures and fittings.

Araldite can be used to repair almost any broken fixture around the home. There are different types of Araldite products that are better suited to different surfaces such as wood, plastic or ceramic. If you need a glue with maximum strength, use Araldite Super Strength adhesive, and for ornaments or pottery that need an ultra clear result, try Araldite Ultra Clear adhesive. For a fast-setting adhesive for most fixtures like hooks, doorknobs and fittings, Selleys Araldite 5 Minute Everyday is the quick adhesive ready for the job.

Araldite 5 Minute Everyday is a strong, fast setting two-part epoxy adhesive with bonding achieved in just 5 minutes and maximum bond strength after 16 hours. Better still, Araldite 5 Minute Everyday bonds almost anything to anything.


  1. Make sure both surfaces are clean, dry and dust-free. All traces of grease, rust, paint, etc. should be removed.
  2. Cut the tips off the end of both nozzles.
  3. Dispense both parts (resin and hardener) equally onto a clean, disposable surface such as cardboard and mix them together with a nail or stick. You have 2 to 3 minutes to use the mixed glue.
  4. Apply the glue mix to both surfaces and press together.
  5. You don’t need to clamp, but don’t strain the bond for at least 30 minutes. It will gain maximum strength in 16 hours.
  6. Scrape off excess adhesive and wipe mixing utensils with a tissue dipped in nail polish remover and replace the cap.

Note: Araldite 5 Minute is solvent-resistant and cannot be effectively dissolved once it’s cured. Cured product can only be removed mechanically.

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