Home Improvement

Home Improvement

Is your home suffering some wear and tear? Or perhaps you’re considering updating your home to give it a fresh modern feel. We’ll show you some of the best tips and tricks to make your home and garden improvement projects easy.

All homes need regular maintenance to keep them looking good and to prevent structural building problems. Find out how you can repair flooring, make roofing repairs, fix your outdoor timbers and silence a squeaky floorboard. We’ll show you the easy way to get these jobs done fast so you can get on with your weekend.

One of the big trends in home improvements over the past few years is creating an outdoor living room or patio. Outdoor and patio areas are exposed to extreme weather conditions and do require extra care and maintenance to keep them looking good. In our outdoor and patio articles you’ll find out how to maintain decks and timbers, make repairs to your garden landscapes and keep your BBQ area in top shape.

Updating the look of your kitchen and bathrooms doesn’t have to be expensive. Take a look at our ideas for an instant bathroom and instant kitchen makeover. You’ll be amazed how easy it is to refresh your bathroom and kitchen with out the expense or hassle of a big renovation.

Mouldy bathroom? If you have unsightly black spots of mould in your bathroom it could be affecting your family’s health. We’ll show you how you can get rid of bathroom mould forever.

Like to re-style you bedroom bedroom with some decorative finishes and touches? Find out how easy it is to make a new headboard or add some decorative interest with vinyl decals. Sometimes it’s the little touches that make the differences. Take a look at our feature on skirting boards and architraves you’ll find out how easy it is to install new skirting boards and decorative architraves.

Living rooms are a place where family and friends can gather and relax. Whatever your style, it’s easy to re-decorate and highlight the features of your living room and lifestyle. Painting is one of the fastest ways to change the mood of a room. In our feature on painting we’ll show you how to get a professional job every time. Why not consider painting a striped feature wall for added affect. You can use subtle neutral colors or be bold with stronger colours.

Dining spaces are another important space for gathering family and friends. Many homes now feature, less formal, open dining spaces which interact with kitchen and living rooms. With open spaces your dining furniture can play an important part in creating the look of your home. If you need to update your dining furniture find out how easy it is to restore dining room chairs.

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Working with wood can become a lifetime hobby. By creating wooden furniture, toys and kitchen items yourself can be extremely rewarding and with the right products and a bit of maintenance they can also last a lifetime.

Roof Renovation


Selleys makes it easy to make repairs to your roof, gutter, and flashing and has a wide range of products to fix any roofing problem.

Garage Renovation


Selleys have got you covered for emergency repairs between your regular car service.

Bathroom Renovation


Your bathroom can be a place of relaxation and tranquility. A place to unwind at the end of the day. But if your bathroom is more mildew than day spa there is a lot you can do to improve your bathroom. Take a look at some of the bathroom improvement ideas you’re sure to find a solution.

Kitchen Renovation


The kitchen is the heart of any home. And if you love to cook and entertain, your kitchen may suffer a bit of wear and tear. Thankfully there is a lot you can do to improve your kitchen. With Selleys products to help – it’s easy to achieve a professional job done in no time.

Living Room Renovation


The living room is a place to gather with family and friends or relax on the couch after a long day at work. Whether you prefer modern minimalism or cosy French country style, Selleys can help you achieve outstanding professional results that will make your home a castle.

Dining Room Renovation


The dining room has undergone lots of changes over the last few decades, morphing from a formal room to a more fluid space that interacts with the kitchen and living areas.

Patio Renovation


Australians love the outdoor living lifestyle. Decks and patios are feature of many Australian homes and really extend living areas. With a bit of maintenance and the right products your patio area will be looking great and ideal for relaxing with friends and family.