Home Cleaning

Home Cleaning

Selleys’ household cleaning range is specially formulated to help you tackle even the toughest household cleaning jobs with ease. Selleys’ cleaning products are gentle enough to care for modern household surfaces while wiping away grease, bacteria and dirt.

When cleaning your home, it’s important to select the right products for the job. Selleys Original Sugar Soap is a powerful liquid household cleaner which is effective in removing grease, grime and dirt from household surfaces. It is also recommended for cleaning surfaces prior to painting and wallpapering, and is safe for all modern washable surfaces including walls, floors, tiled and laminated surfaces. Selleys cloths and scourers are purpose built to cut down on cleaning time, and durable enough to use time and time again, saving you time and money.

Spring cleaning

While spring cleaning is traditionally done at the end of winter, cleaning and reorganising your home has the same positive benefits all year round. To make your task less daunting, it’s important to plan ahead and work methodically.

Before you get started, gather all your cleaning products so you can assess whether you need to purchase any new items. There’s nothing worse than being half way up a ladder and realising you need to head down to the shops for a new sponge! This is also a good time to do some routine maintenance like emptying the vacuum cleaner bag, disinfecting sponges and replacing your mop heads.

Take another few minutes to make a plan of attack. Tasks such as cleaning appliances and organising cupboards are best done on a room by room basis. Bigger jobs such as cleaning venetian blinds or polishing hardwood floors might take you around the house. Make a checklist for each room and tick it off as you complete your tasks, this will help keep you motivated and on track. Don’t forget to include your outdoor areas as well, as a BBQ is the best way to start the summer and celebrate a job well done!

When you finally get round to tackling the annual spring clean, you want to make sure all your hard work is going to go the distance. Selleys has professional strength cleaning products for every room of the house, including sugar soaps, mould killers and cleaning liquids, as well specifically formulated oven, leather and BBQ cleansers. Click on the links to learn more.

Surface preparation

Surface preparation is the key to a successful DIY painting job. Before you start painting, make sure your surface is clean and smooth. If there’s no flaking or peeling, wash down well with sugar soap to remove dirt, grease or sticky hand prints. If there’s any mould treat with Selleys Rapid Mould Kill. Check for any cracks and fill with interior filler.

Fabric Protection

Furniture is one of the most expensive household purchases, so it’s important to take the time to protect your investment. Water proofing fabric lounges and curtains can extend the life of your furnishings, protect from water damage and accidental spills. Before you get started, make sure the item to be treated is clean and dry. Always spot test first on an inconspicuous area, and allow several hours drying time before use.

General maintenance

For year round maintenance, Selleys lubricants are designed to lubricate locks, hinges, and door tracks without leaving oily residue. Regular application displaces water and inhibits corrosion, as well as silencing those annoying creaks and squeaks.

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Sugar Soap - General Household

selleys-sugar-soap-wipes Selleys Sugar Soaps have been helping household cleaners to keep their home spotless, and to clean walls prior to painting, for a number of years.

Mould Removal

Selleys Rapid Mould Killer Leave tiles and grout clean and hygienic with Selleys Mould Removal range.


Selleys Oven Plus Gel Take the elbow grease out of oven cleaning with our oven products for tough dirt, grease & grime build up.

Cleaning BBQs

Selleys BBQ Tough Kleen Cleaning products for tough dirt, grease & grime which builds up inside your oven, and inside & around your BBQ.


Selleys range of specially formulated floor cleaners have been designed to be tough on dirt, but safe for your floors.


Selleys Super Cloth Selleys cloths and scourers easily give you a superior cleaning result across the your home.


Selleys Ezy Glide Lubricants are designed to lubricate locks, hinges, and door tracks without leaving the surface oily.

Recommended Products

Fabric Protectants

Selleys Watershield Protectants protect fabrics by waterproofing and/or preventing staining.

Recommended Products