Fillers & Putty

Fillers & Putty

Whether it’s laying the ground work for a great paint job by preparing walls, ceilings or skirting boards or fixing cracks and gaps to keep out draughts and pests, Selleys has a range of high quality, easy to use products for each home improvement task.

Selleys Fillers and Putty’s are perfect for fixing any cracks, gaps or holes around your home and are available in three varieties to suit your purpose:

Flexible fillers

Selleys No More Gaps is flexible and designed for filling gaps or joints between two surfaces, where you need to allow for movement. Use No More Gaps around skirting boards, cornices, windows and door frames.
There is a No More Gaps solution for every type of job around the home. No More Gaps Multi-purpose is ideal for filling skirting boards and cornices inside the home, while the No More Gaps Bathrooms is resistant to moulds and mildews. If your crack or gap is outside – choose from one of the exterior solutions in the range.
To complete the job, No More Gaps can painted over or choose a coloured Caulk to make the job even easier.

Rigid Fillers

If you have a crack or a hole in your wall or ceiling then you need a rigid filler. Rigid fillers are designed for minimal movement, but where you need a smooth finish. The Selleys range of fillers for walls dry to a smooth finish and can be sanded before painting. Once dry, they are tough, lasting and can be screwed.
The range covers both interior and exterior applications as well as wood finishes and specialised surfaces.

Foam Fillers

If you have an irregular shaped gap that is hard to reach such as around a pipe or under roofing then a foam filler might be the solution you have been looking for. Selleys range of Foam fillers are quick to use with no mixing required. They are an excellent insulator and keep out pests, noise and birds.
Selleys Foam fillers are fast to set and can be prepared to a smooth finish before painting.

Wood putty

Wood putty is most commonly used to fill imperfections in woodwork, and can be applied to panelling, floors, furniture and other wooden surfaces.
Matching the colour of your wood putty to your surface can be the difference between a good job and a seamless result. Selleys Woodfilling Putty is a superior linseed oil based putty that has been specially tinted to a honey oak colour so that it blends in well with timber.
Repairing holes, cracks and chips in wooden surfaces requires a strong, fast setting filling putty. Selleys Plastic Wood putty is a solvent based fast acting filling cement. When dry, Selleys Plastic Wood can be nailed, sanded, painted and lacquered just like wood.
Selleys Special Putty is a linseed oil based, knife grade putty available in a variety of natural and brown colours, perfect for glazing wooden windows and doors

Multipurpose Putty

Selleys Knead It putty range come in a handy roll form, so you simply cut off what you need, and save the rest for your next job. Its two part Epoxy Putty system provides superior strength in a versatile, hand kneadable, fast setting epoxy putty. Best of all, it’s fast and effective formula means that it hardens in 5-10 minutes after mixing.
Knead It Multipurpose is flexible enough to repair, rebuild, reshape or restore almost anything in your home. Use Knead-It Aqua for applications in wet/ submerged areas, and Knead-It Steel for applications on metal.

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Flexible Gap Fillers

Selleys 3 in 1 Flexible fillers are designed for sealing gaps and cracks between surfaces, where some degree of flexibility is required to help cope with movement

Rigid Fillers

Spakfilla Rapid new Group shot Rigid fillers are designed for filling gap, crack or hole in a solid surface where a smooth even finish is required eg walls & ceilings.

Foam Fillers

space-invader Foam fillers are designed filling large irregular shaped gaps, hollows & cavities in your home to block draughts, dust, noise, insects or birds eg around the pipe underneath your kitchen sink.

Filling Putty

P_SelleysFireProofCement Selleys Special Putty is a Linseed oil based, knife grade putty available in natural and brown colours excellent for glazing wooden windows and doors.

Two Part Epoxy Putty

Selleys_Knead_It_Multipurpose_S The two part system provides superior strength in a versatile, hand kneadable, fast setting epoxy putty ideal for repairing, rebuilding, reshaping or restoring almost anything.