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Make cooktops look like new


One in three Australian households own a ceramic glass or induction cooktop, but many find it hard to keep it looking shiny and new. That’s because, unlike traditional enamel-coated stovetops, ceramic glass surfaces require special care and maintenance. They can easily become scratched and stained – ruining how the cooktop looks and performs.

A glass cooktop requires a little more care and maintenance than a traditional burner-type cooktop. But if you act quickly to mop up spills and clean up after cooking, you’ll be able to keep your appliance looking new and functioning efficiently for years.

To give your cooktop a superior clean, use Hillmark Cerapol Cooktop Cleaner. It provides a greater clean and optimum protection.

Since dust particles and grains of sugar or salt can settle on the cooktop, it’s important to wipe the surface clean before each use. When cleaning cooking spills, wipe down the cooled surface of your stove with Cerapol and wipe the base of your pots and pans, especially if the spill is fresh.

Never use steel-wool pads, gritty cleansers or cleaners intended for white enamel cooktops as they will scratch your surface. Cerapol is guaranteed to not scratch or damage as it contains fine silica particles with abrasive properties that penetrate crusted on food, grease and grime.

Cerapol thoroughly cleans the surface of hard water calcium stains, metal flakes and metallic sheen, preventing permanent damage. Unlike other cleaners, it gives a streak-free finish and doesn’t leave a powdery residue, plus it’s environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

Handy Hints:

  • Never use abrasive cleaners or cloths, as they scratch the surface
  • Don’t use scourers or steel wool
  • Plastic and aluminium foil shouldn’t be allowed to melt on the stove

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