How To Create The Perfect Gift For Mum

How To Create The Perfect Gift For Mum

If you’re stuck for a gift idea this Mother’s Day, we have the perfect idea for you thats easy to make, personalised and straight from the heart!

How To Make A Wooden Serving Tray

What You Will Need:

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How To Guide:

Step 1: Liberally apply Selleys Aquadhere Interior Wood Glue to your wooden serving tray Step_2-for-web

Step 2: Apply the image, image side down and smooth out any air bubbles Step 3-for-web

Step 3: Wait until it’s dry to touch – ideally a few hours
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Step 4: With wet fingers, gently rub away the the paper. You will start to see the image imprinted on your tray.
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Step 5: Voila! Give to mum and watch her face light up.

Handy Hints:

  • Don’t allow food to be in direct contact with the tray.
  • Clean by wiping over with a damp cloth rather than submerging with water.