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Get Cracking this Easter

If you’re planning to get some painting done over the Easter break, don’t forget to figure in some prep time. That might be as simple as washing down the surface, but if it’s got a fair bit of history, you may have to strip, scrape and sand it back to make sure any dents, holes and gaps are filled.

For gaps between things like cornices, skirtings, doorframes and architraves, you’ll need a flexible gap filler to cope with building movements. If you’re keen to get going, try Selleys No More Gaps Fast Dry, which can be painted over in just 20 minutes. If you have dents, cracks or chips in the wall, then a rigid filler like Selleys Spakfilla Rapid is ideal.

Don’t forget that prepping time saves painting time. Grab Selleys Original Sugar Soap before you start to easily remove grease and grime from the surface.

Use our handy tips to get your painting done quicker this Easter and you might even get time to enjoy a few eggs yourself.