Car Care

Car Care

Car care is all about achieving maximum results with minimal product and water wastage. Regular car care and maintenance provides important protection from the harsh New Zealand climate.

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P_SelleysEngineDegreaser Selleys Engine Degreaser quickly and easily dissolves grease and oil in two easy steps.

Recommended Products


P_SelleysAutofixKwikGrip Sometimes, especially when driving off-road, fuel tanks or radiators can be pierced and leak fuel. Knead It makes a perfect temporary repair to get you back on the road and back to civilisation.


P_SelleysWindscreenSealant A leaking windscreen can be a hazard, and also cause damage to your car interior. Selleys Autofix Silicone Windscreen Sealant is a neutral cure black silicone R.T.V. rubber for sealing leaking windscreens quickly and effectively.

Lubricants and Degreasers

RP7 Multipurpose Lubricant RP7 is a multi purpose lubricating spray that penetrates deeply to displace moisture leaving an oily, rust inhibiting film

Recommended Products