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Selleys Fireproof Cement


Selleys Fire-resistant cement for interior sealing of stoves and fireplaces. Fireproof cement is a thick white paste.


  • Resists intense heat
  • Sets hard
  • Water clean up

Available Sizes

  • 700g Tub


  • White


  • Thick white paste

Where can this product be used?

  • Repairing bricks in fireplaces & chimneys
  • Sealing flues in pot-belly stoves
  • Sealing cracks in ironworks & bricks
  • Fireproof cement is not an adhesive – it is a filling compound
  • Not recommended for external use e.g. BBQ’s, incinerators etc
  • Fireproof cement is not suitable for use in kilns
  • Fireproof Cement is not recommended for moving joints such as expansion joints as it sets rigidly
  • Hardened material cannot be resoftened with water.

What materials is this product suitable for?

  • Brick
  • Metal
  • Concrete

How to use this product

  • Remove all dust, grease and loose debris before applying material.
  • Dampen the cavities on porous surfaces for better adhesion.
  • Apply Fireproof Cement firmly into holes and cracks with a damp knife or spatula.
  • Allow Fireproof Cement to dry a minimum of 48 hours before exposure to heat.
  • If Fireproof Cement is stiff slacken with a little water.

Handy tips

  • Keep container closed tightly when not in use
  • If Fireproof Cement is stiff slacken with a little water
  • Dampen the cavities on porous surfaces for better adhesion

Safety tips

  • Non Hazardous

Storage and re-use

  • Trim off any excess before cure. Clean away any residues with a damp rag before product cures
  • Once cured, material is difficult to remove. Chisel or sand any excess
  • Store in a cool place with lid tightly sealed

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