Household Adhesives

Household Adhesives

There’s no excuse to throw away broken items or waste money on replacements when you have the right Selleys adhesive on hand to do the job!

Selleys household adhesives range has the solution for accidental breakages, appliance touch ups, and general wear and tear.

For fast repairs for small unexpected breakages around the home, such as a broken toy or glasses, take a look at quick and easy adhesives

Selleys specialist adhesives and repairers perfect for larger and more complex projects such as woodworking, flooring, or repairing and rebuilding items with epoxy putty.

Need to repair shoes, porcelain, metal, fibreglass, touch up household appliances or need a fireproof solution then Selleys range of task specific adhesives will help. You’ll be amazed at what can be repaired.

If you need a really strong solution the answer is an Araldite two-part epoxy the two part solution gives a bond with unmatched strength.

Contact adhesives are perfect for bonding where it’s difficult to clamp a larger surface such as veneers on timber.

If you’re working with timber, Selleys range of woodworking adhesives will help you position and achieve a stronger more flexible bond than nails and screws alone.

For scapbooking and home craft projects – Selleys craft adhesive will give you a great result that dries clear and is waterbased for easy clean up.

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Quick and Easy Adhesives

powergrid Quick and easy adhesives are designed to cater to those unexpected accidents or breakages where you need an effective solution, quickly.

Specialist Adhesives & Repairers

website-image Selleys specialist adhesives and repairers are designed to provide you with high performance solutions for larger and/or more complex projects such as woodworking, flooring, or repairing and rebuilding items with epoxy putty.

Task Specific Adhesives & Repairers

Selleys_Shoe_Fix_50ml_S Designed to make choosing the right adhesive for the job easy, these adhesives and repairers are designed to solve specifc problems and meet specific needs.

Recommended Products

Araldite Two Part Epoxies

Selleys_Araldite_5_Minute_14ml The ultimate strength adhesives due to the superior two part epoxy technology. Araldite provides a rigid, durable bond for a wide range of surfaces and can also be used for some gap filling.

Contact Adhesives

Selleys_Kwik_Grip_Horizontal_50ml_S A range of contact adhesives for bonding small and large surfaces. Ideal for use on bonding veneers of timber and laminated plastics (e.g. laminex & formica to bench ir table tops) and areas where clamping or pressing facilities are either not available or difficult to use.

Wood Working Adhesives

Selleys_Aquadhere_Interior_Family_S Whether you are repairing wooden items inside the home, building furniture or looking for a commercial strength adhesive, Selleys Aquadhere, has a product to meet all your wood working needs.

Craft and Scrapbooking Adhesives

Selleys_Craft_Glue_100ml_S Selleys have a range of speciailist adhesives designed to meet your craft and scrapbooking needs. You will find the best products for all your craft projects, Selleys even offers both waterbased (advanced) and non-toxic adhesives.

Recommended Products