Building & Construction Adhesives

Building & Construction Adhesives

Selleys offers a wide range of high strength adhesives for building, construction, landscape, flooring, tiling and roofing projects.

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The_One_Render-300x200 Sil-X advanced polymer technology is formulated to deliver superior performance in demanding situations where conventional products fail, on any surface* wet or dry.

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Specialty Adhesives

Selleys Liquid Nails Mirror Metaland Glass Selleys specialty adhesives include a range of unique and technically advanced product solutions for a range of DIY tasks.

Solvent Construction Adhesive

P_SelleysLiquidNailsHighStrength Solvent construction adhesives, such as Liquid Nails High Strength are designed to adhere most building materials to provide a strong, weather resistant and lasting bond.

Water Based Construction Adhesive

Selleys_Aquadhere_Exterior_500ml_S Water based construction adhesives provide you a strong lasting bond for both construction and wood working projects, but give you the additional benefit of being easy to clean up with water.

Landscape Construction Adhesive

P_SelleysLiquidNailsLandscape Selleys Liquid Nails Landscape is a premium grade, high strength construction adhesive, which delivers a weather resistant and shock resistant bond ideal for many landscaping projects.

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Polyurethane Adhesive

Selleys_Aquadhere_Durabond_PU_460ml_S Selleys Polyurethane Adhesives are moisture curing, high strength and high water resistance adhesives that are excellent for jobs requiring extra durability, both interior and exterior. Versatile in application, they are suitable for bonding wood to almost anything.

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Flooring Construction & Contact Adhesive

Selleys_Kwik_Grip_Waterbased_500ml_S Selleys has a range of adhesives specifically designed for adhering timber decks, timber flooring, parquetry, vinyl, upholstery, laminate, cork, rubber and leather.

Roofing Adhesive

Selleys-Point-works-GenII Roofing tile adhesives have specialist adhesive components to ensure the appropriate level of flexibility and wind / water resistance on roofs in areas exposed to variable and harsh weather conditions.

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